How Old?

Quite often you,ll read in the news about how amazing some older ladies look for their years,well today this lady a model that i havent heard of  called Christie Brinkley was in the headlines and i have to say she does look incredible.I read it with great anticipation in the hope that she would share her secret with me as to just how to look so good at her age.

Yes you guessed it she didnt,well all she says is she was told by her booker at her model agency to loose weight eat only fish and water.Hmmm i,m not sure that is the whole secret ….

She denys having plastic surgery but can anyone really look like that without some sort of help,i know you can tone your body with exercise and work-outs to a point but she,s had 3 children,so wheres her tummy?

Oh well i,ll add a Fountain Of Youth to my christmas list for this year then,i can but dream.

Read here Christie Brinkley.


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It,s been a funny ol day today..

It would have been a day of celebration had my Dad still been here, it would have been his Birthday but instead ive had a day full of memories.These are some of the things  i think about when i think of my Dad it,s always the comical things he did  that  i usually remember,he was always happy & he whistled alot especially in the mornings 😀   One Aprils fools day he put a fake parking ticket on my car that gave  every one a giggle except me,he always caught me out.He was also a pretty good one man band too,he played the Spoons,the Jew,s Harp,th Kazoo,the Banjo & the Piano.He liked to draw caricatures & cartoon pictures we used to play a game,he would draw a few swiggly lines or random shapes and my brother and me had to finish the drawing off   however we wanted i enjoyed that game.

Ive just lit a candle for him here; and wished him a Happy Birthday.

Love and miss you Dad xxxxx

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Do These Suit Me ?

I started wearing glasses for reading a few years ago,anyway today it was my 2yr check-up.I knew that my vision for close up had grown steadily worse in those 2yrs as i was having trouble seeing the text when sending mobile messages also reading the small print on packets when shopping, just all small print in general really.For a while ive been in denial so much so that i leave my glasses at home(in the hope that if i dont use them as much my sight will somehow improve all by itself)this usually leads to me asking my partner if i can borrow his to read anything whilst we,re out.

So off we went this morning for my appointment,and yes it turns out they are worse but within the expected range for the length of time since last check-up,long vision is superb so thats good 😀 I was given my prescription and off i went to choose some new shiney glasses.

Well i know it,s nice to have a choice but i was,nt really prepared for just how much choice ..have you been to the opticians lately? i,m sure there was,nt such a big range last time i went.Anyway i zoomed in on the ones that caugh my eye fancy ones of course,then i spotted some more i liked before i knew it i had a handfull of glasses and i could,nt make up my mind 😦 my partner helped me narrow it down to about 3 pairs but i was taking so long he just wanted to go which really was,nt helping.Suddenly a voice behind me said “we have to close in a minute’ i started laughing and said i,m sorry but there,s just too many to choose from.With that he came over to assist i,m pleased to say that with his help i eventually made my choice,so anyone out there with an eye test coming up be warned if you need glasses due too the huge choice  range  it may not be as easy as you though it would be,as i discovered myself today..

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Productive Weekend.

Thanks to my wonderful daughter for explaining to me that my post did not disappear when my laptop died, and told me where to find it in wordpress, so all is not lost 😀

Sorry for my absence lately,i,ve been doing a spot of decorating.It,s been a nightmare choosing thhe right colour paint to use in our hallwall,we could,nt seem to agree on the same one.Hence several different colours on several different walls for the past few weeks/months.It does,nt usually pose to be such a problem but for some reason re-vamping the hallway has,nt been an easy task.I,m still not sure even now,yellow has been the only one we,ve sort of agreed on Hmm i say sort of because for me it still not giving me that wow factor.You know ,the WoW that you get when you look through these glossy home magazines yeah that,s the one.

Whilst painting i,ve also had a chance to listen to some of my cd,s that i havent heard for ages,which has been very nostalgic.I started off with Dido,Anastacia,M.People forgotten just how good they we,re,then i came across The Vengaboy,s platinum album absolutely brilliant to paint too.Whatever happened to them?the beat is very uplifting makes you want to move,there,s one track in particular that i kept repeating called 48 Hours.You can listen for yourself see what you think.

All in all quite a productive weekend.

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After reading AJ’s word of the day:Float ,  i straight away thought Slinky… strange thing to think of i know but thats what sprang to mind.:D

I dont mean the the rubbish plastic one,s that you get today,if my memory serve,s me correctly i got it as a birthday present from a school friend.It was quite a heavy metal one,from the minute i opened the box i remember being fascinated by it.I just loved the sound it made when i held one end flat in the palm of my hand and pulled the top end up as far as i could and then let it go.I also used to hold each end in each hand so it formed an arch shape then slightly lift one hand higher than the other alternately.Endless hours of fun…

But the best thing of all was the way it walked down the stairs that really was  the Piece de resistance.

So thanks AJ for the memory prompt:D






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Kid,s say the funniest thing,s sometimes.

Conversation between my son and his friend on the way home from school on friday.

Son,s friend,   I officially believe in God as of today,not in a religious way if you know what i mean

My son,   How do you mean

Son,s friend,  It was proved to me today in a scientific way

My son,  How?

Son,s friend,  Well some people have said that when you die you,re in a tunnel and you see a really bright light at the end,and you go toward the light

My son,  How do you know that,have they come back from the dead and told someone then?

Son,s friend,  I suppose so

My son,  So where,s  tunnel then?

Son,s friend,  Good question,i think it,s probably in the 3rd dimension because we,re in the second.


Classic moments like this make me chuckle 😀 there are others too which i will probably post at some point.

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Senior Moment.

Earlier on this evening i decided to do something i havent done in a while,i took lots of photo,s at the weekend as it was my daughters birthday and some i wanted to edit.My intentions were to print off some of the pictures edit them and make some Thank-You cards for her to give to her friends.

Off i took myself to the desktop pc, i opened the program and started.Like i said as i havent done it for a while,i remembered how to retouch them and use the brushes but my memory failed on a few things.It was a horrible feeling ,as a few years ago i was quite quick at doing this sort of thing.I used to spend hours doing edits and entering comps on Bebo,making Bebo backgrounds and  helping  friends with pictures and logo,s  for their websites.

It really bugged me that i could,nt remember,so i left it for a while.But it was in the back of my mind niggling away… 5 cups of tea later i thought right i need to get my head around this before i go to bed tonight.So i went and had another tryand yyyay as i was sat there just having a practice it all started coming back to me 😀  I can sleep peacfully now tonight,panic over.

I could,nt get my head around the fact that i can remember the number plate of a car i had 23yrs ago,all the fine detail on a party dress i had when i was 6,my national insurance number i was given 34yrs ago but NOT how to use certain features on an editing program.

The memory sure is a funny thing.

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